Safety and ocular biodistribution support development of laquinimod eye drops for inflammatory eye disorders

Lund, May 30 2023 – Active Biotech (NASDAQ Stockholm:ACTI) announces today that data from the recently completed phase I study with the eye drop formulation of laquinimod, a small molecule immunomodulator in development for ocular inflammation, will be presented in a poster session at the International Ocular Inflammation Society (IOIS) 2023 Meeting in Berlin, 6-9 September, 2023. The poster presents results of safety and tolerability in the phase I randomized, placebo-controlled, double-masked, subsequent-group study with laquinimod eye drops in healthy subjects. Furthermore, the intraocular biodistribution of laquinimod eye drops in the rabbit will be presented.

The clinical study (NCT05187403) which was conducted at the Medical University of Vienna, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, included 54 healthy subjects who received single doses (0.23mg – 1.2mg) or multiple doses (0.3mg – 0.6mg for 14 or 21 days) of laquinimod eye drops in one eye and placebo in the other eye. Laquinimod was demonstrated to be safe and tolerable; no serious adverse events were reported, and ocular assessments did not reveal any tolerability concerns.

In the biodistribution study in rabbit, laquinimod was detected in the cornea and retina/choroid of the rabbit eye following administration of laquinimod eye drops.

The abstract is available online at IOIS web page.

Details on the presentation:

  • Abstract Title: Topical ocular laquinimod in development for inflammatory eye disorders
  • Poster Nr / ID: 144
  • Poster Session: 1 – P 101-164
  • Presentation Date: Thursday September 7, 2023