Scientific committee

The Scientific committee consists of the following members; Axel Glasmacher (Chair) and Aleksandar Danilovski.

The purpose of the Scientific committee is to provide input and advise board and management of Active Biotech on matters relating to the company’s research and development strategy, including review of the company’s planned or ongoing research activities and plans. To accomplish this, the Scientific committee will, on its own and/or together with external experts, as deemed appropriate, on a regular basis evaluate, and monitor the scientific plans as well as individual project progress and performance of the company’s project portfolio. The Scientific committee is a resource to management, and members of the Scientific committee may be consulted individually or collectively. The meetings in the committee are prepared by the company’s Chief Scientific Officer together with the Chair of the committee.

The Scientific committee shall to the board of directors provide strategic advice on emerging regulatory, clinical and scientific issues pertaining to the project portfolio of Active Biotech or areas of special interest to the company.