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Two recent publications describe the mechanisms by which tasquinimod can act as a potential treatment alternative in multiple myeloma


Aktiespararna: “Vägskäl närmar sig” (in Swedish)

Equity research and Presentations

Active Biotech Year End Report 2022

Press Release

Active Biotech confirms positive clinical safety profile of laquinimod eye drops

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Tasquinimod suppresses tumor cell growth and bone resorption by targeting immunosuppressive myeloid cells and inhibiting c-MYC expression in multiple myeloma

Tasquinimod Publications

CEO Helen Tuvesson presents at Redeye Fight Cancer 2023

Equity research and Presentations

Infocus interview with CEO Helén Tuvesson at Redeye Life Science Day 2022 (in Swedish)

Equity research and Presentations

Preclinical data with tasquinimod in MDS to be presented at ASH 2022

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Active Biotech further strengthens the patent protection for laquinimod in eye disorders with a granted patent in US

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Successful completion of the first stage of the phase IIa clinical trial of naptumomab in combination with docetaxel and the study is now enrolling into the second stage

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FDA grants Orphan Drug Designation for tasquinimod in myelofibrosis

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Active Biotech strengthens the patent protection for laquinimod in eye disorders

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We Develop New Treatments for Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases

We leverage our extensive knowledge and previously generated documentation on our assets to develop novel treatments for specialist indications with high medical need and commercial value within cancer and inflammatory eye disorders. We have a stringent focus on our projects in multiple myeloma, uveitis and in solid tumors for naptumomab in partnership with NeoTX.

Novel treatments for specialist indications


Disease Area
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Hematological malignancies
Tasquinimod Multiple myeloma*
Tasquinimod Myelofibrosis**
Inflammatory eye disorders
Laquinimod Eye drops
Laquinimod Uveitis**
Solid tumors
Naptumomab Combination with docetaxel in non-small cell lung cancer
Naptumomab Combination with anti-PDL1 (durvalumab) in solid tumors
Study ongoing
* In an academic partnership with the Abramson Cancer Center, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
** Study preparations ongoing

Our project portfolio comprises small, orally active immunomodulatory molecules as well as antibody-based immunotherapy. We have three projects in our project portfolio, Tasquinimod, Laquinimod and Naptumomab. Read more about Active Biotechs projects »

Uveitis can Lead to Severe Eye Problems Including Blindness


Multiple Myeloma a Blood Cancer with Unmet Medical Need