Active Biotech management team consists of Helen Tuvesson, President & CEO, Hans Kolam, Chief Financial Officer and Helena Eriksson, Chief Scientific Officer.

Helén Tuvesson

President & CEO

President & CEO since 2017
Born 1962
Shareholding: 105,338 shares

Employed by the company since 1998. Helén Tuvesson has a Ph.D in cell and molecular biology in medical science from Lund University. Helén has more than 25 years of experience in leading drug development in senior positions within preclinical and clinical development at Pharmacia and Active Biotech, including as Chief Scientific Officer for 6 years at Active Biotech. In this role, Helén was responsible for the operational research activities within the company as well as the company’s project portfolio in late stage clinical development in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer indications.


Helén is a board member of Immunicum AB.

Hans Kolam

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer since 2000
Born 1951
Shareholding: 117,191 shares (of which 5,544 shares via related parties)

Employed by the company since 2000. Hans Kolam has a BSc in Business Administration from Uppsala University. Hans has more than 40 years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry with leading financial positions during the years 1979-2000 at Pharmacia. Hans also has extensive experience from investor relations and business development.

Helena Eriksson

Chief Scientific Officer

Head of Research since 2017
Born 1968
Shareholding: 68,941 shares

Employed by the company since 1998. Helena Eriksson has a Ph.D in experimental hematology in medical science from Lund University. Helena has more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 15 years of experience in projects, line and scientific leadership at Pharmacia and Active Biotech. Today, Helena is responsible for the company’s research and development, with projects in preclinic and clinic, as well as for the company’s patent portfolio. Helena has previously led operations in the biology department with a focus on cell and molecular biology, biochemistry and in vivo pharmacology at Active Biotech.