Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the company on behalf of the Shareholders.

Michael Shalmi

Chairman of the Board

Chairman since 2019.

Born: 1965.

Education: Physician from University of Copenhagen and obtained his MBA following studies at Scandinavian International Management Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Shareholding in the Company: 420,897 shares.

Other assignments: CEO and owner of Aligned Clinical & Management Services, Shalmi Consulting ApS, Shalmi Invest ApS and Shalmi Holding ApS. CEO of P/S Momentum Energy Jutlandia, K/S Momentum Energy Jutlandia Development, K/S Momentum Energy Hanstholm, Momentum Energy Karrebæk Holding, Momentum Energy Karrebæk ApS and Momentum Energy Selandia ApS. Chairman of the board of Momentum Gruppen A/S, Momentum Energy Holding A/S and Curexsys GmbH. Board member of Momentum Energy Group A/S. Chairman of the Board, Curexsys GmbH, Germany.

Previous assignments (last five years): Board member of Evotec AG and Managing Director and Head of Principal Investments of Novo Holdings A/S.

Aleksandar Danilovski

Board Member

Board member since 2020.

Born: 1974.

Education: Ph.D. in Chemistry (summa cum laude) from Cambridge University, United Kingdom and University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Shareholding in the Company: 133,360 shares.

Other assignments: Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Xellia Pharmaceuticals, Board member of Pharmaero ApS and Member of the Scientific Selection Board of Novo Holdings – REPAIR Impact Fund.

Previous assignments: Head of European R&D for Barr Laboratories, Inc. and Member of Management Board of PLIVA Pharmaceuticals

Axel Glasmacher

Board Member

Board member since 2020.

Born: 1960.

Education: Physician, Medical School, Doctor of Medicine and Adjunct professor of medicine, University of Bonn, Germany.

Shareholding in the Company: 40,000 shares.

Other assignments: General Director of AGLS Life Science Consulting GmbH & Co. KG and Glasmacher Verwaltungs-GmbH. Board member and non-executive chairman of the board of 4D Pharma plc. Board member of AvenCell Therapeutics Inc. Member of the Supervisory board of Ryvu Therapeutics S.A. Board member and treasurer of the non-profit association Cancer Drug Development Forum asbl.

Previous assignments: Head of Global Clinical R&D and Senior Vice President for Celgene.

Uli Hacksell

Board Member

Board member since 2019.

Born: 1950.

Education: Pharmacist, Doctor of Pharmaceutical Science and associate Professor at Uppsala University.

Shareholding in the Company: 21,000 shares.

Other assignments: Chairman of Medivir AB and Annexin Pharmaceuticals AB and Boardmember of Index Pharmaceuticals Holding AB and Synact Pharma AB.

Previous assignments (last five years): CEO of ACADIA Pharmaceuticals and CEO and Chairman of the Board of Cerecor.

Elaine Sullivan

Board Member

Board member since 2020.

Born: 1961.

Education: B.Sc (Hons) in Molecular Biology from the University of Glasgow and Ph.D. in Molecular Virology from the University of Glasgow.

Shareholding in the Company: None.

Other assignments: Board member and chair of R&D Committee of Nykode Therapeutics ASA. CEO of Keltic Pharma Therapeutics Ltd. Director in Dargle Therapeutics Ltd and Dargle Holdings Ltd. Non-executive director of IP Group Plc. Board member of Open Orphan plc. Member of supervisory board of Evotec A.G. Scientific advisor of Poolberg Pharma plc.

Previous assignments: CEO of Curadh Pharmaceuticals, Vice President Global External Research & Development at Lilly, Vice President R&D; Head of New Opportunities Therapy Area and Vice President, Science & Technology at Astra Zeneca and CEO and Co-Founder of Carrick Therapeutics.

Peter Thelin

Board Member

Board member since 2011.

Born: 1956.

Education: Graduate of Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in the Company: 15,355,519 shares (privately and through companies).

Other assignments: Chairman of the board of Brummer Investor Relations AB. Board member of B & P Fund services Aktiebolag, Brummer & Partners AB, Brummer Multi-Strategy AB, ELC Fastigheter AB, East Bay AB, Sjunda Gård AB, Sjuenda Holding AB, Sjunda Jordbruk AB, Sjunda Persbo Holding AB and S:ta Ragnhildgymnasiet AB.

Previous assignments (last five years): CEO of Carve Capital AB, Chairman of the board of directors of Jemtia AB, SRE Högfors AB and Acrux Entreprenad AB and Board member of CPB Energy AB, Valot Invest Sweden AB, Henvålens Fjällgård AB, Psoriasis + Creams Sweden AB and Järna Mejeri AB.