Active Biotech Receive Milestone Payment From NeoTX

Active Biotech AB (publ) today announce a milestone payment of USD 750 000 from the partner NeoTX Therapeutics (NeoTX) under the terms of license agreement on the
immunotherapy naptumomab.

Based on preclinical data and the previous clinical experience of naptumomab, a phase Ib/II study in patients with advanced solid tumors was initiated by NeoTX, in cooperation with AstraZeneca, in 2019. The study is currently ongoing, and the results from the dose escalation part of the study are expected early next year. NeoTX plans to expand the clinical program in the combination of naptumomab and durvalumab with focus on indications in so-called “cold tumors” with poor response to checkpoint inhibition alone, as well as evalutate further combination strategies such as the combination with docetaxel.

About the agreement

In 2016, Active Biotech and NeoTX  entered into a partnership for the development and commercialization of naptumomab in cancer indications. Under the terms of the agreement, Active Biotech has granted NeoTX exclusive rights to develop and commercialize naptumomab worldwide in cancer indications. The total deal value amounts to USD 71 million and is contingent upon achievement of clinical, regulatory and commercial milestones whereof Active Biotech has received so far USD 250 000.  In addition, NeoTX will pay Active Biotech progressive, double-digit royalties on its net sales of naptumomab.

About naptumomab

Naptumomab (naptumomab estafenatox, ANYARA) is a tumor targeting immunotherapy that enhances the ability of the immune system to recognize and kill the tumor. Naptumomab induces the activation and expansion of specific T cells outside of the tumor microenvironment and redirect the T cells to attack the tumor cells. Preclinical data demonstrate that naptumomab has synergistic effect with checkpoint inhibitors in various tumor models. A clinical phase Ib/II study, evaluating naptumomab in combination with the checkpoint inhibitor durvalumab is currently ongoing. More information about the study is available at (NCT03983954).

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