Lead Principal Investigator Rebekka Schneider-Kramann presents the clinical plan and positioning of tasquinimod in myelofibrosis

Lund, December 1, 2023 – Active Biotech (NASDAQ STOCKHOLM: ACTI) announced today that a recorded presentation and an interview on the positioning of tasquinimod in the evolving landscape of myelofibrosis with Professor Rebekka Schneider-Kramann are available on the company website (www.activebiotech.com).

Active Biotech has communicated earlier that it will focus its project pipeline on the development of tasquinimod in myelofibrosis and is planning to start two clinical phase II studies in myelofibrosis in 2024. Professor Schneider-Kramann will act as the Lead Principal Investigator for the European study named TasqForce, planned to start during the first half of 2024.

“Our preclinical data suggest that tasquinimod holds potential as a disease modifying treatment in myelofibrosis. I am thrilled to get the clinical trial started based on our preclinical data with tasquinimod. It was always my dream that our findings in the lab will be translated to better outcomes in patients and hopefully help to ameliorate the life-threatening condition of bone marrow fibrosis,” said Professor Schneider-Kramann.

In the presentation, Professor Schneider-Kramann gives an overview of the disease and shares her preclinical research results with tasquinimod in animal models of myelofibrosis. Tasquinimod treatment resulted in inhibition of bone marrow fibrosis, normalization of spleen size and white blood cell counts, which are hallmarks of the disease (Leimkuhler et al., Cell Stem Cell. 2021 Apr 1;28(4):637-652).

The results provide a strong rationale to initiate a phase II clinical trial in patients with myelofibrosis who are ineligible to JAK inhibitor therapy. The recording will end with Dr. Erik Vahtola, MD, PhD, CMO Active Biotech, interviewing Rebekka Schneider about her view on the medical need and potential positioning of tasquinimod in myelofibrosis.

The recording is available on Active Biotech Audiocast 2023 (financialhearings.com). You can find a 2-page summary of the presentation here https://www.activebiotech.com/wp-content/uploads/Two-page_summary_tasquinimod_in_myelofibrosis_ENG_2023.pdf