Active Biotech Year End Report 2023


  • Lead Principal Investigator Rebekka Schneider-Kramann presents the clinical plan and positioning of tasquinimod in myelofibrosis (December 1)
  • Active Biotech enters into collaboration agreement for clinical ocular biodistribution study with laquinimod (December 5)
  • Active Biotech announces outcome of the Company’s rights issue (December 6)
  • Preclinical data of tasquinimod presented at ASH (December 14)
  • Active Biotech provides update on the scheduled clinical program for 2024 (December 22)


  • Active Biotech confirmed positive clinical safety profile of laquinimod eye drops (January 30)
  • Safety and preliminary efficacy of naptumomab in combination with durvalumab presented at AACR 2023 (April 19)
  • Positive interim data from the ongoing study of tasquinimod in heavily pre-treated patients with relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma presented at ASCO 2023 (May 26)
  • Positive safety and tolerability in clinical phase I study and preclinical ocular biodistribution data supporting the further development of laquinimod eye drops for inflammatory eye diseases were established (May 30)
  • New preclinical data regarding tasquinimod’s anti-fibrotic effects in myelofibrosis were presented at EHA 2023 (June 10)
  • Collaboration agreement for clinical study with tasquinimod in myelofibrosis signed (July 31)
  • Tasquinimod successfully completed dose optimization in patients with multiple myeloma and advances into the pre-planned expansion cohort (September 11)
  • Clinical safety and preclinical ocular biodistribution for laquinimod eye drops presented at the IOIS meeting is made available on Active Biotech’s website (September 13)


SEK M Oct-Dec Jan-Dec
2023 2022 2023 2022
Net sales
Operating profit/loss -12.8 -15.2 -46.5 -57.9
Profit/loss after tax -12.5 -15.0 -45.8 -58.4
Earnings per share (SEK) -0.04 -0.06 -0.17 -0.25
Cash and cash equivalents
(at close of period)
36.2 41.8

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