The Board of Directors

  • Mats Arnhög

    Chairman of the Board
    Born 1951, Board Member since 2000 
    Hon.PhD in Economics, M.Sc. Stockholm School of Economics
    Shareholding: 23 271 555 shares through companies 
    Board appointments: Chairman of the Board MGA Holding AB and Rederi AB Sea-Link. Member of the Board Ideella Föreningen PrimaGruppen. Member of the Advisory Board of the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Magnhild Sandberg-Wollheim

    Born 1937, Board member since 2007.
    Associate Professor of Neurology and Consultant
    at the neurological clinic at Lund University Hospital.
    Board appointments: MS-konsulten AB, the European MS Foundation, Parkinson Research Foundation and the foundation Insamlingsstiftelsen för MS-forskning
    Shareholding: 0

  • Peter Sjöstrand

    Born 1946, Board Member since 2000
    MSc Stockholm School of Economics, MD Karolinska Institute in Stockholm
    Shareholding: 24 000 shares
    Board appointments: Chairman of Byggnads AB S:t Erik and the Oscar Hirsch Memory Foundation. Board member of Ringens Varv AB, Peter Sjöstrand AB, Calmark Sweden AB, SAMF Sweden AB and assignments in the Acturum Group. Member of the Strategic Council, School of Technology and Health (Royal Institute of Technology) and Vatera Holding Advisory Board.

  • Peter Thelin

    Born 1956, Board member since 2011
    Graduate of Stockholm School of Economics
    Co-owner and partner of Brummer & Partners
    Shareholding: 1 392 855 shares (privately and via companies).
    Board appointments: Member of the Board Brummer & Partners AB, ELC Fastigheter AB, East Bay AB, Sjunda gård AB, Carve Intressenter AB, Sjuenda Holding AB and Rebellion Oil AB.